• Fashion’s Night Out San Diego Snoozefest

    Posted on September 13th, 2010 Christianna No comments

    As you can see from the previous post, Fashion’s Night Out in NYC was mayhem–people streaming in and out of shops, celebs out of context, and most importantly, endless champagne! Our correspondent in NYC was able to rub elbows (almost) with Karl Lagerfeld, buy cutesy Marc Jacobs accessories out of a truck and generally participate in the NYC-as-a-shopping-block-party festivities.

    Unfortunately, the same or even vaguely similar cannot be said for San Diego, where I was stuck. I had hopes for at least a semblance of what I experienced in NYC the prior year. Not to be had. Based on the Fashion’s Night Out website, Neiman Marcus seemed the most promising, so when my companion and I arrived, we were flummoxed when the woman manning the door informed us we were supposed to RSVP because they were at capacity. Huh? After she didn’t let us in, we changed our strategy and hit up another entrance and acted confused when we weren’t on the RSVP list. After we got in, there were some passed trays and some champagne and a half-hearted fashion show. Snooze.

    What about other shops? How about Henri Bendel or Hermes or Betsey Johnson? We hit them all and no one was there, save for a few cute shop boys in horse heads at Hermes and some mini-cupcakes at Betsey Johnson. Check out the photos below and try not to develop narcolepsy.

    Want a Hermes golden horse balloon?

    A ghost town at Henri Bendel

    It's FASHION Night Out instead of Fashion's Night Out at Henri Bendel. Maybe that was the problem.

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