• Attend the Gucci Fashion Show in Milan as an E-Guest via Gucci Connect

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    Want to attend the Gucci show in Milan, but just can’t squeeze it into your busy schedule? (Never mind they somehow forgot to send you your invite.) Gucci is taking the fashion show live podcast to the next level through Gucci Connect.

    According to the Gucci Connect site:

    Virtual guests receive an e-ticket granting them access to the E-vent as a virtual attendee at Frida Giannini’s Women’s Spring Summer 2011 in Milan on September 22nd, 2010. Gucci Connect E-vent will offer the same guest benefits to virtual guests as Milan event guests with live runway presentation, virtual seating with webcam videos shared at the Gucci show space and social networking opportunities. Through Gucci Connect’s webcam share technology, virtual guests will be mixing with the world’s buyers and press, who attend the seasonal fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.  

    Gucci e-ticket holders can sign into gucciconnect.com on September 22nd for the E-vent and share their webcam or photo with other virtual guests. Live streaming coverage will offer four different camera angles. Virtual guests can meet other guests worldwide with live guest list, live chat, Facebook Connect and Twitter.

    If you install the Facebook App, you can compete to create the largest group for a chance to become VIP e-guests with VIP virtual seating. The VIP group will be announced on September 20th and will have their webcams projected at the show.

    Might not be EXACTLY like sitting between Rachel Zoe and Carine Roitfeld, but close!

    Gucci Connect [Official Site]

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