• The Most Wearable Fashion-Forward Fall Trends

    Posted on July 26th, 2010 Christianna No comments

    Fall is just around the corner, and when the leaves fall, the fashion changes from summer flirty to fall chic. No need to overhaul your closet, though. From over-the-knee boots to velvet leggings and updated cargos, adding a few key pieces to your fall wardrobe is all you need to punch it up!


    Velvet comes around every so often, but nothing looks fresher than touches of velvet on jackets or updated velvet leggings peeking out from under a tunic and boots.

    MARC by Marc Jacobs Fitted Oxford Jacket

    This fitted oxford jacket from MARC by Marc Jacobs has velvet accents at the collar, waist and wrists–upping the sophistication level sky-high! Available at Neiman Marcus.

    Velvet leggings present a new take on the tight pants that have dominated the pants market for the past few years. Wear with over-the-knee boots, a longer tunic and motorcycle-inspired jacket.

    Bop Basics Velvet Leggings

    These Bop Basic velvet leggings have a rich sheen and long length, perfect for fall! Available at Shopbop.com.


    When over the knee boots exploded on the the fashion scene last fall, some women worried that the look would be a little too “Maid Marian at the Renaissance Fair.” Luckily, their surprising versatility has spurred their comeback this fall! The key is to keep the rest of the outfit low-key and to keep the heels on the lower side, otherwise professional women will look like a different kind of “professional” if you know what we mean.

    Steve Madden Overrpas Over the Knee Boot

    The sleek suede and low heel of the Steve Madden Overrpass boot is perfect for pairing with dark skinny jeans and an oversized patchwork sweater. Available at Nordstrom.

    Modern Vintage Carina Over the Knee Buckle Boot

    These Modern Vintage Carina boots come with edgy buckle detailing and mid-heel height. Available at Singer22.com.


    Cargo pants are no longer the bastion of comfort-loving soccer moms. Updated with a skinny silhouette and hardware details, fall’s cargo pants pair perfectly with gladiators or tucked into ankle boots. Military inspiration never looked so fashionable!

    J BRAND Houlihan Zip Cargo Pants

    These J BRAND Houlihan zip cargo pants have achieved cult-like status due to a flattering ankle length, zipper detailing and the perfect amount of stretch. Available at Revolveclothing.com.

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