• Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow- San Diego’s Top Hair Removal Spots

    Posted on June 16th, 2010 Christianna 2 comments

    Hair has been the bane of women for ages. Too much in certain areas, not enough in others. It’s really enough to make a woman go mad! Luckily, there’s a myriad of options to remove it—some old, some new, all effective. So throw away your razor and check out San Diego’s best places to keep your skin silky and smooth!

    String It Along-THREADING

    Possibly the oldest method of hair removal, threading harkens back to the days of Cleopatra when the entire body used to be threaded. Now, threading is generally used for deftly shaping brows and quickly removing hair from the entire face. A technician holds a piece of cotton thread between her teeth and rolls the ends between her fingers to pull the hair out from the root.  According to Dolly Bakshai of Beauty by Dolly, threading results can last up to three weeks and does zero harm to skin. It’s a very precise technique for eyebrows and takes anywhere from five to 15 minutes. Bonus? It averages $12 for the brows.

    Best for: face, eyebrows

    Try: Beauty by Dolly, www.beautybydolly.com, 858-693-0200

    Urban Calm, www.urbancalmspa.com, 619-236-1395


    Started by five Brazilian sisters in New York in 1987, Brazilian waxing has exploded in the United States as the most daring method of hair removal in terms of amount of hair removed.  Adri Rebis of Bella Brazil explains that due to the Brazilian influence, bikinis are getting smaller, necessitating a “clean” bikini area. Waxing utilizes warm or hard wax that’s carefully applied to the skin and pulled off quickly. With it, the hair comes out at the root. Depending on the density of the hair, it may break the first three to four waxes, but with time, hair becomes sparser and weaker.  You need at least a quarter inch or two weeks’ worth of growth. She only uses hard wax since it adheres to the hair and not the skin. Results last from two to six weeks. Bonus? The more you do it, the less it hurts!

    Best for: Brazilian bikini, underarms, legs

    Try: Bella Brazil, www.bellabrazilspa.com, 858-964-5109

    Beauty and Body Lounge, www.beautyandbodylounge.com, 619-692-9300

    Sweet Pull-SUGARING

    The predecessor to modern-day waxing, sugar “wax” consists of all natural ingredients like lemon and honey. The technician applies the gooey mixture to your skin—where it heats naturally to your body temperature—then pulls it out in the direction of the growth rather than the opposite direction, which prevents ingrown and lessens the chance of irritation that can sometimes be a result of regular wax.  Results last approximately as long as regular waxing. Barb Crum of Tranquil Spa Services by Barb says that it’s great for men’s backs since men have more nerve endings, so no more red bumps! Bonus? It’s so natural, you could literally eat it!

    Best for: legs, underarms, backs, upper lip

    Try: Tranquil Spa Services by Barb, www.tranquilspaservicesbybarb.com, 619-227-8238

    Swanky Sugar, www.swankysugar.com, 858-663-5914

    Zap It Away-LASER

    I tried the new Cynosure laser at Laser Away. Having heard horror stories about laser hair removal and how it feels like hot needles poking into you, I was pleasantly surprised at the quick and relatively painless laser session. Gone are the days of messy gels and hours-long sessions. They iced my underarms for a couple of minutes and then applied the laser. With the laser, shot out a stream of cold air, which considerably lessened the feel of the laser.  Laser Away recommends six sessions spaced six weeks apart for permanent hair removal (barring major hormonal changes). Bonus? Once you’re done, the hair is gone—forever!

    Best for: bikini, underarms, legs, back, chest

    Try: Laser Away, www.laseraway.net, 760-929-9944

    Vasseur Skin Salon & Spa, www.vasseurdayspa.com, 619-236-9095

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