• Juice it Up with Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

    Posted on April 21st, 2010 Christianna 1 comment

    A great way to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow is with a green peel–literally. Juice Beauty‘s Green Apple Peel is totally organic, full of good-for-your-skin natural antioxidants like organic apple, lemon, grape juices, raw cane sugar, white willowbark, vitamin antioxidants and essential nutrients.

    I tried the full strength version, which had a gel-like consistency and a pleasant spa-like apple scent. I left it on for the recommended 10 minutes (it tingled a fair amount), rinsed off with cool water and voila! Baby butt soft skin! It was smooth and tight. A word of caution, though. Do this peel at night! I did it during the day and it left my skin seriously pinky-red for a good hour or two. I felt like Samantha in Sex and the City when she had a bad peel and still had to attend Carrie’s book party looking like a burn victim. It’s not that bad, but still. For sensitive or thin skin, try the sensitive skin version.

    Another unknown but effective usage is for stretch marks (damn you, puberty!). Since I’m my own guinea pig, I thought, hey, if it can do this for my face, what about the rest of my body? I tried it on my hips and it made the stretch marks look a little less noticeable and softer.

    Happy Smooth Skin Earth Day!


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